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Introducing Pedikom Kft.

Our company, Pedikom Kft, was among the first in the world to start a modern examination of and novel treatment for feet differing from traditional orthopaedic methods.

We think of the foot as a complex, biomechanical construction. An arched structure comprised of bones, muscles and ligaments gives it stability and it is moved by complicated power impulses. This biomechanical approach to the working of the foot led to new principles of treatment.

Pedikom KftIn our company's patented procedure an impression of the sole is examined by optical means. Standing on a glass sheet in bare feet produces an image on the other side of the sheet faithfully reflecting the pressure relations. This image, as a pressure point map, is the basis of the pressure point sole examination. Abnormal pressure point arrangements suggest a foot problem as every foot problem has an indicative pattern in the sole image.

Computerised sole examinationThe aim of the Pedikom's orthotic treatment is to correct faulty pressure point arrangements and restore the upset static balance. After recording the foot image, trained experts design the map of the insole tailored to that specific foot. The individual orthotic insole is made on the basis of this map. It is made of soft, natural materials, and is comfortable to wear and non-allergic. It corrects the foot disorder without pain, so almost anyone can wear one without complaint and side effects. In addition to a nationwide network in Hungary, our company also has numerous foreign representations.

Individual orthotic insoleSince we began operations, we have conducted many hundreds of thousands of foot examinations and all of these have contributed to our growing knowledge of foot disorders. We exploit this knowledge by continually developing our product and procedure while maintaining our traditional values of handcrafted work. An advanced IT base ensures up-to-date data storage and handling, while constant high quality is ensured by our well qualified staff.

Our company and our partners using the Pedikom system, and the patients treated by us form a large family from Hajdúszoboszló to ISO 9001:2000New Zealand. We all work for the same end, to give better care for people with foot problems. Every patient and every partner is equally important to us, and when people visit us we do our utmost to make everyone feel they receive personal attention in our world of mass products.

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